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Check out my ministry calendar page to see where I am and when I will be there. Also, I'm trying to compile some of the best notes and comments I've received in the past few years from people I've met at these dramatic performances. Read them on my ministry page.

The Lord has blessed me with a ministry where I portray women of the Bible. I never cease to be amazed at the doors He has opened. Proverbs 18:16 says: "A man's gifts bring him before great men", and that truly describes the men and women before whom I speak.

A wonderfully, successful adventure and well worth the effort! Make it as simple or involved as you want, and tailor it to suit your abilities, limitations and pocketbook -- and the interest and ages of your grandchildren. It's not too early to start planning for this summer. School will be out before you know it!! Check it out here

As a family, we have several looked-forward to-main events every year. Our Red Dinner, Green Dinner, Great Pumpkin Feast and Christmas Tea are pictured on the Family page and some of the recipes, holiday favors and ideas are on the Kitchen and Special Events pages.

In my kitchen, everything is simply done in the old fashioned, home -- style way that YOU and your family and friends could easily duplicate. It doesn't have to cost a lot of money ... work with what you can find around your house or perhaps the dollar store! (Love those dollar stores!!!)

God has commended each of us "to be given to hospitality." Hospitality is not only for friends and neighbors, but I am convinced that it must first start at home. Making memories is hospitality at its VERY best.

My prayer is that this year YOU will step out in faith and make some lasting memories with YOUR family. Remember, simply done and having fun is better than having done nothing at all. You will be blessed!

HOME COOKING IS A FAMILY AFFAIR Fresh from the publisher, my new cookbook, jammed packed full of more family favorites. There are lots of cooking helps in the beginning, plus 3 blank pages after each section to write in new or favorite recipes your family likes.

Unlike most cookbooks that have 6 or 7 categories, this one has 17! Everything from Appetizers, Snacks & Dips to Cakes & Icings, to Casseroles With and Without Meats


Retirement has been an exciting adventure for us. We don't know what we did before, but we're wondering how 'work' ever fit in the picture! As our ministry grows, so do our opportunities and blessings. The doors have again opened to us to be involved in prison ministry -- a very rewarding, but often heart-wrenching experience. We thought that was in the past, but obviously the Lord had other plans!

Bud is still with the Harrisburg Senators and will be completing his 21st year as their Chaplain. If you like baseball and the history of the sport, you might consider engaging him to speak at one of your meetings. His stories and recollections are anything but boring.


My passion is the Old Testament, but I also love primitive antiques, country crafts, reading, cooking, entertaining, and collecting Pfaltzgraff dishes. All of the girls in our family have Pfaltzgraff dishes, so yard sales, flea markets and Ebay keep us busy. We are close to reaching the saturation point!

Thank you for stopping by. Please come back again and see the new things we add throughout the year.

(updated August, 2007)

"Not unto us, O Lord, not unto us, but unto Thy name give glory, for Thy unfailing love and faithfulness". (Psalm 115:1)

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