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In 2011, after a year of praying and agonizing over a decision I knew I had to make, I have decided to greatly curtail my speaking engagements this year. After more than 18 years of speaking, my vision and enthusiasm have become something of the past. I have decided to limit my speaking to Sunday church services and occasional seminars and conferences. [+]

The Lord has blessed me with a ministry where I portray women of the Bible. I never cease to be amazed at the doors He has opened. Proverbs 18:16 says: "A man's gifts bring him before great men", and that truly describes the men and women before whom I speak.


A wonderfully, successful adventure and well worth the effort! Make it as simple or involved as you want, and tailor it to suit your abilities, limitations and pocketbook -- and the interest and ages of your grandchildren. It's not too early to start planning for this summer. School will be out before you know it!! Check it out here
As a family, we have several looked-forward to-main events every year. Our Red Dinner, Green Dinner, Great Pumpkin Feast and Christmas Tea are pictured on the Family page and some of the recipes, holiday favors and ideas are on the Kitchen and Special Events pages. Take a peak and get some ideas for your family.

Why not treat a friend or family member with a 12 Days of Christmas suprise. Check it out here!

Read this great poem "A Cup of Christmas Tea"
by Tom Hegg.

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Dear Friends, 

As God continues to reveal His faithfulness to us again and again, we have found ourselves in a new stage of our lives. Many things have remained constant, but many things have and are changing. My busy speaking schedule is now an occasional Sunday service or conference speaker, and Bud is still the chaplain of the Harrisburg Senators–just completing his 25th season with them.

We have found ourselves in a small one-room church, ‘for such a time as this’, where we are sharing speaking and musical abilities. We have, again, become involved in prison ministry, which has always been a love of ours, 3 of our oldest grandchildren are now a beautician with her own shop, a professional fire fighter, and one who has just passed her CNA course. And we now have a second great grandson.

Our concern for this country has become paramount in our lives. Having watched the video, "The Agenda, the Grinding Down of America", we have been preparing ourselves, and hopefully our children, for a future that will depend on our own resourcefulness. I I ask each of you reading this: If the economy collapses next week or next month, could you survive? We know we could. We have joined with many other families and individuals who will also be survivors and are encouraged by their wisdom, faith and friendship.

There has never been a greater time when our need for prayer and reading and studying the Scripture has been so important for us, our children, our grandchildren and for our country. May God continue to open our eyes and ears to the truths and promises of the Scriptures so we can face the future with hope. To quote a line from an old hymn, "I don’t know who holds tomorrow, but I know Who holds my hand".


Talk about easy! Cover a baking sheet with wax paper or foil. Place small, thin pretzel sticks side by side. Melt white chocolate or almond bark over hot water. With spoon drop small amount of melted chocolate between pretzels. [more here]

Easiest Apple Crisp
[recipe here]

Easy Hash Brown Bake
[recipe here]
In my kitchen, everything is simply done in the old fashioned, home-style way that YOU and your family and friends could easily duplicate. It doesn't have to cost a lot of money ... work with what you can find around your house or perhaps the dollar store! (Love those dollar stores!!!)

God has commended each of us "to be given to hospitality." Hospitality is not only for friends and neighbors, but I am convinced that it must first start at home. Making memories is hospitality at its VERY best.

My prayer is that this year YOU will step out in faith and make some lasting memories with YOUR family. Remember, simply done and having fun is better than having done nothing at all. You will be blessed!
My cookbook is jammed-packed full of more family favorites--over 175 pages full!.  Thre are lots of cooking helps in the beginning, plus 3 blank pages after each section to write in a new or favorite recipe.  Unlike most cookbooks that have 6 or 7 categories, this one has 17 categories, so recipes are easier to find. Everything from
  • Appetizers
  • Cakes and Pies
  • Desserts and Cookies
  • Casseroles With and Without Meat
  • Breakfast foods
  • Veggies, Soups and Salads
Home Cooking is a family affair
Candy Cookies  [recipe here]

My passion is the Old Testament, but I also love primitive antiques, country crafts, reading, cooking, entertaining, and collecting Pfaltzgraff dishes. All of the girls in our family have Pfaltzgraff dishes, so yard sales, flea markets and Ebay keep us busy. We are close to reaching the saturation point!

Thanks for stopping by!

Please come back again and see the new things we add throughout the year.

(updated June, 2010)

"Not unto us, O Lord, not unto us, but unto Thy name give glory, for Thy unfailing love and faithfulness". (Psalm 115:1)

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