My Hobbies - Pfaltzgraff
This beautiful bulbous teapot (right) has the old keystone mark on the bottom with the P partly in and out of the design. Year? 1930. This is a treasure.

Likewise there is a bowl for every occasion: included here is the berry bowl (front); apple dumpling bowl (left); rimmed soup bowl (left back); 3 soup bowls (center and right back); soup bowl with ridge around top (right).

This is a tidbit tray and 12 individual dishes. I've always used it for a coaster set.

Squeezed and stacked in a cupboard are: 5 graduated handled casserole dishes with lids. There is a larger one that is not shown that just doesn't fit in this cupboard. On the right are steak plates and au gratin dishes.

Large Bowls
Shown here on left are super large serving bowls, salad and dough bowl and large soup tureen. Center: stack of 8 1/2" dessert plates; Right: large & small souffle dishes, handled casserole, quiche and pie plate.
Pfaltzgraff made many drinking items in the Gourmet pattern. Here are 3 different size mugs; pedestal mug; water and wine goblet and tumbler.
Seen here are strawberry jugs and planters and liquor bottles and decanters. The center one with pottery stopper is my favorite

Shown here are the miniature jugs, owls and teapot salt and pepper shakers; toothpick holder; sweetner holder; ladies boot and set of 3 flower pots (on right); sweetner, creamer and instant coffee canisters with wood lids (on left).

Top: 2 egg cups; Center: pair 1776 salt & pepper shakers; set of 3 scoops; Bottom: set of 4 measuring cups; demi- tasse cup and saucer in front.

Unusual Hard-to-find pieces
Here are some of the harder-to-find pieces: Back: an old bulbous teapot from the 1930's, and a hottle. Center: vinegar and cruet set and 2 different size condiment holders--1 with lid. Front: a miniature ramekin and sauce dish with handle, a ring holder, custard cup, candle snuffer and pretzel souvenir piece.

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