Christmas programs
“The glory of Lebanon will come to you, the fir tree, the pine tree and the box together to beautify the place of My sanctuary…”

— Isaiah 60:13

Bless someone special this Christmas with a home-made "Twelve Days of Christmas" surprise.

A Cup of Christmas Tea
15 minutes
By Tom Hegg

The heartwarming story of a letter from an infirm and elderly great aunt with an invitation to drop by for a cup of Christmas tea. Too busy and filled with anxiety about a depressing visit, their cup of Christmas tea will fill your heart to over flowing.
[Read the poem here]

There is a wonderful story behind the story as well. Three men— an author, an illustrator and a publisher—from three different backgrounds are divinely brought together to make these little books possible.

A Memory of Christmas Tea
15 minutes
By Tom Hegg
The great aunt has now passed away and has left the tea service for others to share in her legacy. Again, we become part of the memories of many Christmases past and soak up the warmth and love of this wonderful time of year.

The two titles above can be combined for a single performance which runs approximately 30 minutes.

The Dream
40 minutes
The story of the innkeeper’s wife and her fabulous dream the night Mary and Joseph sought lodging at their inn. Hear about some of the people who were at the inn that night and the heart-warming conclusion when she realizes it wasn’t a dream after all! A fictional story based on fact -- Luke 2:1-20.

Decorate a Spiritual Tree
30 minutes
Learn about the history of Christmas trees and some of the traditions that have been part of our holiday season for many years. Then watch as we decorate a tree with Scriptural truths from the Old and New Testament.