The Twelve Days of Christmas

Christmas is such a wonderful time of the year. I think it gives us that heart-felt mission to do something special for those very special friends and people who touch our lives throughout the year.

Almost two year ago I saw an idea in a magazine that started me thinking. But that’s about as far as it got–a passing thought or two. (You know how that goes...!) This year, I knew I had to put it into action. It took some advance planning, but the results were well worth the effort.

I made up short poems for each of the 12 days of Christmas, typed and printed them on my computer, purchased and wrapped all the gifts and put them in a large Christmas bag (a box would work just as good), and delivered them to their home (I did this for 2 friends) on December 12th–the day before the twelve days begin. I did not sign any of the cards, so they didn’t know who the gifts were from until the last one. I had as much fun planning and anticipating each day as they did opening each day’s surprise.

At the end of the twelve days, they both told me how they looked forward to each day’s ‘opening’. They told their children and grand- children about the gift bag and they got in on the excitement too–all of them reading the card and trying to guess what was in the bag!

My words cannot express the joy this brought to all of us. I hope you will try it–you will be blessed.

Here are some ideas to start your planning for next year. Pictured are the Introduction letter, the tag that was attached to each bag and some of the kinds of bags you can use for your gifts. Some things were too big for bags and I wrapped them in paper. (Ideally each gift was to be delivered each of the twelve days. I was unable to do that, so I packed everything together in one very large bag.)

The 12 Days of Christmas
Is a song we all do know
We sing about the days to come
and the gifts they do bestow.

But this 12 days is different,
different but the same.
A day-marked bag is packed inside
A gift each day is our aim.

No touching or squeezing the other bags
to try and beat the game.
Wait patiently for the coming day,
To cheat is really lame!

The task is simple and should be fun
A bag per day, opened one by one.
And when the 24th is here
A most happy Christmas and joyous New Year.

Here is what was printed on each tag.
Be creative...make up your own little
poem to add something different.

On the first day of Christmas
We’ve often heard it said
It’s nice to give someone you love
a loaf of homemade bread.

On the Second day of Christmas
Two rolls of sticky tape
To help you wrap your Christmas gifts
for that December date.

On the Third Day of Christmas
Three boxes of JELL-O-
The light dessert, the bright dessert,
Red and green and yellow.

It’s the Fourth day of Christmas
and I’ll bet you thought we’d miss you.
We didn’t, though, and here you have
four rolls of bathroom tissue.

On the Fifth day of Christmas
Five cans of soup to heat.
We hope that you two will enjoy
the taste that can’t be beat.

On the Sixth day of Christmas
You need a nice cold drink.
Six cans of pop are sure to help,
at least that’s what we think!

For the Seventh day of Christmas
we wondered what to do,
But then we found these peanuts,
and we’re giving them to you.

On the Eighth day of Christmas
we’re nearly out of rhyme
But here are eight nice cookies
to enhance your Christmas time.

On the Ninth day of Christmas
we know you’re on the run.
So here’s a chance to stop, relax,
and have a chew of gum.

On the Tenth day of Christmas
Ten stamps (not quite a dozen)
To pay a bill or send a card,
or any way you want them.

On the Eleventh day of Christmas,
we looked for lords a-leaping
but all that we could really find
was this little Tom a-peeping.

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas,
Twelve sweets you’ll find in here,
Sent with love and with the hope
we’ve brought you Christmas cheer.