Girlfriend Tea
What's a GIRLFRIEND tea? The invitation (sent on a beautiful stationery teacup) said, "Bring a best girlfriend." The proper morning tea started at 10:25 A.M. Wearing a pretty hat was optional, but not necessary (and about half of the ladies wore one). We started with orange-tangerine tea and scones (including lemon curd and clotted cream) on the back porch (I planned on having it in the back yard, but it rained too hard the night before!) Then we adjourned to the dining room where we had Orzo-Asparagus Salad, Ham salad on a thick slice of cucumber, Fruited chicken salad on a small piece of crescent roll, Cucumber fruit salad, a square of broccoli-cheese quiche and a bumblebee that was nestled beside a Brown-eyed Susan. The bumblebee was a mixture of graham cracker crumbs, dried milk, peanut butter and honey. I used a small tube of black icing to make the stripes and eyes. Slivered almonds made the wings. Dessert was a Strawberry-cheese pie in a graham cracker crust. And everything (except the scones) was made the day before!

I introduced "my friends" and told how we met and became friends, and then each of them introduced their "friend" and explained how they became friends. We talked for hours! About such things as our favorite childhood toy, our first kiss(!), a memorable event that happened during our wedding, the way our mothers cleaned house -- way back then...!

We remembered songs we used to sing and sang several "rounds" of White Coral Bells and Make New Friends but Keep the Old. Oh, yes! And the electricity went off during the afternoon, but we lit a few oil lamps and kept on talking. It was a wonderful time -- one we'll cherish a long time.

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