Tea Parties

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When it’s too hot to do anything strenuous, it is the perfect time to have a Summer afternoon tea. It can even be a ‘last-minute’ tea with just a phone call to several friends . . . [more]

What's a GIRLFRIEND Tea? The invitation (sent on a beautiful stationery teacup) said, "Bring a best girlfriend." The proper morning tea started at 10:25 A.M. Wearing a pretty hat was optional, but not necessary (and about half of the ladies wore one)... [more]

"Teacup Grannies">>>
also called Mrs. T. Bagg, These cute hand made grannies
are made by Rose Davis in Chelsea, AL (205/678-7891)

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without having a Christmas Tea at Grandma's house. This is a special occasion where everyone gets dressed up and puts on their best manners. The afternoon is spent talking laughing, eating and reading Christmas stories in our candle-lit dining room. [more]

What could be more fun than a "First Day of Summer Vacation Tea"? Easy, simple and filled with lots of fun and memories, too. The menu is simple--made just for these fussy eaters. [more]

What better way to celebrate the hot, lazy days of summer than with a FRIENDSHIP TEA? Pick out a couple of yummy recipes, some of your favorite tea (use some of the wonderful flavored tea bags, too), a few fresh flowers from the garden for a centerpiece and a handful of friends. What could be easier? [more]

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